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Monday, June 27, 2022

The Pirate's Conquest

Two lives, two hearts, one timeless love…..

Timothy Lockwood, respected shipbuilder or extremely dangerous Captain of the Moonlight? He has a vast knowledge of the sea, clipper ships, and an uncanny knack to create detailed sailing maps. He conducts his business in two completely different circles of individuals, those respected and those not. Behind those golden eyes are many secrets known by only one group of friends.

Headstrong Jennifer Weatherly reeled when she found out that her father promised her in marriage. Determined to not honor her father’s wishes, she contracts with the Captain of the Moonlight to help her disappear.

Upon meeting her on his ship, his golden eyes locked with her sea green ones. He felt an electrifying shock go through his spine instinctively knowing she would cause a problem in his life and future plans. Miss Weatherly had no idea that her escape plan with Captain Lockwood would ultimately take her across the world. He didn’t realize that she would drown him in unbridled passion; distracting him from his ultimate plans and revealing his secrets.

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