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Saturday, October 7, 2023

New Release from Rhonda Frankhouser

Rebirth of Ruby's Ranch--Ruby's Ranch Book 5

Emma Lattrell was a surprise addition to the Ruby's Ranch family. As the youngest of Katherine's three children, she earned her place, even though her father is enemy number one. After working the front line at New York General, Emma is called home to help her ailing mother. From the moment she returns, she's haunted by the family legacy and drawn into a captivating love triangle with a faithful cowboy who's always loved her and a mystery visitor who's more spirit than man.

Faithful cowboy, Matthew Kincaid, fell in love with Emma the first time he saw her, back when he was just a teenager learning the ranching ropes from his grandfather. No longer that shy boy sneaking glances, he is quick to proclaim his true feelings when she finally returns home after years away. 

But he's not alone.

Mystery visitor, Shona, appears from no where to help Emma heal her mother. Emma's instantly spellbound by his calming presence and otherworldly energy. When he draws her in, she's lost to the rest of the world, including Matthew.

Will Emma follow her heart or be drawn in by the powers that be?

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