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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Book 4 in the Rescued Heart Series by Leah Atwood

As the new director of Hope House, Alexis Simmons has her hands full. Her predecessor left big shoes to fill, but she’s determined to succeed in her position. However, the most recent addition to the board of directors isn’t going to make that easy.

Trey Kaplan finds himself a reluctant member of the Hope House Board of Directors, especially when he learns that his long-time rival Alexis Simmons, is the new head of the women’s shelter. When Trey’s beloved dog, Truffles, goes missing, he’s shocked to find who found her. He’s forced to swallow his pride, but can that one incident lead to the end of a long-time rivalry?

Truffles is the fourth book of the inspirational Rescued Hearts series from USA Today Bestselling Author Leah Atwood.

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  1. I have read this novel. One of the best novel I have read till date. The most amazing part of the novel that excites me is the way the storyline has been created and the representation of characters.

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