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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Second Chance Diner by LaNora Mangano

About the book . . .

Fireman and widower Cal Hartford spent the past five years grieving his wife and taking care of their young son. His fascination with the diner's favorite waitress, Flo, was something his grieving heart couldn't seem to shake. They'd make eye contact several times in the diner and Cal thought it was adorable the way she'd smile at him then shy away to her duties. What was her story?

Flo noticed the tall, dark and handsome fireman her first shift since coming to South Westerfield a year ago and every time he glanced her way, she felt her face heat with blushes. He had the power to melt her bones with just his voice. She'd heard he wasn't dating since his wife died and she understood that but it didn't stop her from wondering "what if?"

On the night of a formal Singles Mingle dance, both worlds unexpectedly collide, leaving them both with lasting results.

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