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Friday, June 10, 2016

Missouri Bride by Bestselling Author Eugenia Riley


In 1873 St. Louis, Amy Harris and her younger sister Hannah lead desperate lives, terrorized by their cruel, mentally unstable mother. When a powerful, handsome gentleman comes calling, an instant attraction develops between Amy and newcomer Matt Kendall. Amy soon sees the prosperous farmer as the answer to her prayers. Agreeing to a marriage of convenience, Amy weds Matt and moves with him to his farm in the Missouri Ozarks.

Only then does Amy realize the enormity of her hasty decision. She finds herself wed to a mysterious stranger, a man whose barely repressed violence simmers just beneath the surface of their marriage. Much as she desires her masterful bridegroom, Matt’s passions frighten Amy, and the secrets haunting him leave her baffled and in turmoil. Yet Amy soon finds herself willingly in Matt’s bed and overwhelmed by their intense and addictive lovemaking. She discovers her husband’s demons are rooted in the Civil War, “Bloody Kansas,” and the outlaw gangs that evolved from Quantrill’s Raiders. Yet past has also become prelude as the feared James and Younger Gangs ravage the region once again. Desperately in love with Matt, Amy feels terribly torn. Does Matt want to avenge the rekindled lawlessness, or is he a part of it? Can their love be saved, or will it be consumed by the fires of age-old vendettas and hatreds?

Missouri Bride is a passionate and sweeping Western Frontier Romance of approximately 138,000 words. Author Eugenia Riley is the renowned, bestselling author of dozens of historical, contemporary and time-travel romances, including the classics A TRYST IN TIME and BUSHWHACKED BRIDE. She has numerous romances available in Kindle.

EDITORIAL REVIEWS: Four and a Half Stars!! "A beautiful tender love story. The manner in which Matt woos and wins Amy will melt every reader's heart, leaving a very warm feeling." --Romantic Times

Friday, March 11, 2016

Dancer's Heart by Bestselling Author R.E. Butler Available for Pre-Order

Adam Cruz has spent the last twelve years of his life wondering if he’d ever find his truemate. As a low-ranked omega wolf, with a body full of scars from a firebomb, he’s had more than his fair share of trauma and shame. All he wants is to find his truemate and settle down, even though he wonders if his mate will care about his scars, or that he can’t hunt as well as other wolves because of them.

As the only reindeer shifter in a bear den, Dancer Grayson knows what it’s like not to fit in. When she runs into her truemate in the woods of Wilde Creek, she discovers that she fits right in with him. Adam’s not ashamed to have prey as a mate, and she’s not ashamed of his scars. Together, she’s certain they can survive anything.

When Adam’s gambling-addict dad hits him up for money and Adam refuses, his dad does the unthinkable, and Dani ends up kidnapped. What the kidnappers don’t count on is that there isn’t just a wolf pack looking for Dani, but her own kind. Can Adam get to her before she’s harmed, or will she be lost to him forever?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Release for R.E. Butler, The Scarred Heart (Wilde Creek Book Five)

The Scarred Heart (Wilde Creek Book Five)

Kammie Townsend has always kept to herself. She doesn’t want anyone to see the scars of her childhood, left behind by her abusive uncle. Everything changes for her on the night of the full moon, when she follows a reindeer and gets tackled by a bear shifter. He says they’re mates, but even though he’s the sexiest male she’s ever met, Kammie knows that once he sees the evidence of her painful history he won’t want anything to do with her.

Row Grayson has lived a hard life, fighting in tournaments for the amusement of the kings of neighboring bear sleuths. The only bright spots are his mother and his adopted sister, who is a reindeer shifter. On the way to take Dani to her people, she suddenly takes off and leaves Row behind. As he attempts to catch up to her, he senses his own mate in the snow-covered woods of a town called Wilde Creek. His mate is anything but receptive to his touch. Her skin is as scarred as years of brutal fighting have left his heart, but he knows he can convince her he finds her beautiful inside and out. When he takes Kammie back to his people to make her his mate, things go sideways fast – an enemy from Row’s past tries to take Kammie from him. To save her, Row has to fight harder than he ever has.

When a determined bear tangles with an equally determined she-wolf, things will heat up fast. Expect growling, naked conversations, and a bear who will kill to keep his mate by his side forever.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pre-Order Now--Daeton's Journey by R.E. Butler

Daeton's Journey (Wiccan-Were-Bear Book 10) 

by R.E. Butler, USA Today Bestselling Author

After returning to her new home of Cholas in the Medes Realm, were-bear Daeton settles quickly into married life with her two sexy mates, Perseus and Ekho. When the arrival of her former were-bear protectors, Rysk and Tyrant, triggers a vision, Daeton and her husbands must prepare for danger from an unknown foe. Will Daeton and her mates survive the battle to come, or will they lose everything?

Now available for pre-order.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Hearts and Heroes Series by Sherrie Dykes

Taming the Heart
Cassie Vandivier is willing to leave Louisiana, along with everyone and everything she loves in order to escape a marriage she wants no part of.

All that matters to Sheriff Shane Westin is keeping his town in Bear Creek, Colorado, safe from unsavory elements. By doing so he feels that he's paying restitution for his past - a past that still haunts him and he can't let go of.

When Cassie and Shane meet and their secret and tragic paths collide in ways that they could've never imagined - will they be able to overcome the evil that has haunted their pasts and followed them into the future?

Will Shane and Cassie be able to finally trust that perhaps God has something much better for them than the ashes they've left behind? A love that neither could have ever imagined.

Trouble Meets Reluctance
Tara's heart has been broken too many times in the past. First by her mother who abandoned her and her family, and then by her father who drank himself to death after their mother left them, leaving Tara the responsibility of raising her younger brother. Now her brother has joined up with a gang of outlaws and she finds herself utterly alone and with a chip on her shoulder the size of Colorado. Tara can't walk away from her only remaining family and will do whatever is necessary to get her brother to come to his senses.

Then there's the handsome sheriff of Bear Creek whom she can't seem to shake from her thoughts. Sam Atkinson showed her kindness and looked beyond her hardened heart and dared to believe there was more to her than she wanted the world to see. But a man like Sam would never look twice at her, would he?

Her whole life she's felt she's not worthy of love. Is it possible that Sam could make her believe that's not true? Is Sam willing to look past the bitterness and fear in Tara's heart and see the woman she truly is. A woman who is scared to let anyone close to her heart again.

Will Sam be able to overlook the lengths Tara's gone to in order to help her brother? In the end will he be able to forgive Tara and see that with God's love she is no longer the woman she used to be as he finds himself falling in love with the strong-willed woman?

Destined for her Heart
Warren Medford is going back to Bear Creek for two reasons. First, he left his heart there two years ago, and he intends on reclaiming it by winning back Shauna Keller's heart. The second is to capture Lucas Cantrell who has escaped from prison and is going back to Bear Creek to mete out his revenge on the people he feels wronged him.

Warren can handle Lucas Cantrell but Shauna is another story. For all he knows she could be married by now. But short of that scenario, he doesn't intend on letting anything stand between him and the woman he loves. No matter what it takes, he will win her heart back.