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Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Cover for The Hero Spell by Josie Malone

Here is a new cover for author Josie Malone.   Please visit her website for more information:

About the book . . .

When you want the perfect pony for your horse-crazy child, see the new manager of the Silver Lake Pony Ranch in Everett, Washington, Audra Dawson.  Advising the local 4-H Horse Club, training, showing and looking after eighteen equines who own her body, heart and soul keeps Audra busy. Her life will be complete when she wins and weds the man she adores despite the fact he has other plans.
The arrival of Doctor Joe Watkins on a farm call balks her schemes and dreams to trap her "perfect match." In real life, Joe teaches veterinary medicine at a top university in Pullman, WA, but he's on vacation. Considered a leading authority on equines, local horse owners are duly impressed with him.  Most agree he is Mr., okay, Doctor Wonderful.

Then, he meets bossy, arrogant Audra who appointed herself queen of the world years ago. She orders him around like he's a would-be cowboy who just stepped out of a drugstore.  This challenge provokes Joe who suddenly realizes he's become a legend in his own mind. He knows she needs him as much as he does her. He'll lasso her stubborn heart.