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Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Release by Julia Byrne, Gentle Conqueror

About the book...

England, 1068 After the loss of her parents and the ravages of the Norman conquest, Lisette of Ambray is struggling to keep her manor going to support what is left of her family and household, only to discover that William the Conqueror has given her lands to Alain of Raverre, one of his Norman barons.

Further compounding the blow, Raverre now has wardship of Lisette and her sisters, giving him absolute control over their lives. Raverre is big, tough, and autocratic, but at least he’s not the barbarian Lisette was expecting. Even her passionate defiance and defense of her people doesn’t enrage him to the point of mindless brutality.

On the other hand, maybe a meat-brained barbarian would have been easier to deal with—because when Raverre cleverly manipulates her into marrying him, Lisette realizes she could lose far more than her lands and her independence.

 “Aye, the battles are over. You have conquered our land and taken our homes. You can even make us bow our heads to Norman rule. But know this! You will never conquer our hearts, our minds, or our souls!” “Never is a dangerous word,” Raverre murmured. “When it becomes a challenge.”

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