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Friday, June 21, 2013

Here is a new cover for Coming Home by Dr. Amy Koresdoski.  Please check back for more information about the book including the release date.

About the book . . .

Professor Caitlyn Lawson finds staying with her husband unbearable so she retreats to her small East Tennessee hometown to rethink her life.  Her injured father talks her into managing a large construction project to completion, but she finds someone doesn’t want her to finish. 

It could be her arrogant husband trying to scare her into returning home, a man from her past who has vowed vengeance on her family, or a mysterious computer genius.  

Cat finds an ally in a local author and comfort in the arms of the local sheriff, her first love. Cat’s return home reawakens the mystery around the disappearance of her best friend from high school. The tension mounts as Cat’s life is threatened and her husband tries every avenue to get her back. 

Yet, Cat is determined to stay to finish her father’s project and solve the mystery.  She must pick the right people to trust, solve a crime that happened long ago, and choose the right man to love.

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