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Monday, May 27, 2013

New cover for Out of the Blue by Caroline Clemmons

Here is a new cover for Out of the Blue, A Time Travel Romance Mystery, by Caroline Clemmons.  Please visit Caroline's website for more information about this book or her other offerings.  Caroline Clemmons has won numerous awards for her writing.

About the book . . .

She watched him. His eyes darkened and he lowered his head to kiss her. His lips, when they touched hers, were warm and soft. He brushed them against her mouth, then returned to press more firmly.

Kissing a man wasn't at all as she'd expected. Warmth pooled low in her belly and all thoughts flew from her mind except for this man and their kiss. She grasped his shirt in her fists and pulled him closer. 

His tongue slid across her lips. Without thinking-for how could she?-she opened her mouth. He probed her tongue with his and she gasped. 

He pulled away and smiled down at her. "You kiss like a virgin."

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