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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cover Reveal for Wisdom and Truth by Katherine Lindsey

This is the cover reveal for Wisdom and Truth by Katherine Lindsey.  The book is now available at Amazon.

About the book:
Margaret is the wife of a decorated Army officer, Henry Montgomery, during World War II. She is expecting their child in the summer of 1944. Margaret is unaware of her husband’s betrayal and the child he conceives with another woman while away at war. Henry’s best friend, James made a promise and is the man who takes care of anything for Margaret during the Army officer’s absence. However, James is a wealthy, powerful man who hides Henry’s secret for almost two decades.

Margaret and James develop a bond while Henry is away during the war. Henry returns from war as a changed man. Without his wife’s knowledge, Henry brings his other family to the states and must keep this burning secret. Margaret must endure what becomes a loveless marriage while her heart yearns for James and the passion she feels for him never goes away. This novel chronicles Margaret’s journey over almost two decades as she must gain wisdom to discover the truth.

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