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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cover for Yellowstone Awakening

Here is the cover I designed for Yellowstone Awakening by Peggy L. Henderson, Book 3 in the Yellowstone Romance Series.  Of all the covers I designed in the series, this one was the most challenging for us.  Eventually Peggy and I decided to start fresh with new images and within a few minutes this cover emerged.  I love the stunning colors and the softness of the characters, Kyle and Kate.  The photo really depicts the kind of beauty Kyle fights passionately to protect in the book. 

Peggy has a talent for weaving accurate historical tidbits into her writing, which really enhances the stories.  For more information about the Yellowstone Series, check out Peggy's blog. She posts teasers of her upcoming books, interviews with other authors, and interesting historical information.

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  1. It was Murphy's law that the book that gave me the most trouble to write was also the one that gave use the most trouble with the cover!