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Monday, March 3, 2014

New Releases for Susan Craig

Susan Craig has three new releases.  Please check out her Amazon Author's Page.

Tossing the Caber...

Former Army Ranger Logan Carmichael returns from nine years serving his country with an idea that could take him from the dilapidated farmhouse he calls home to the boardroom of his own corporation.

All he needs is a chance… Instead, he finds an heiress.

Elegant Diana Lennox wants to sell her father's business, but isn't sure an inexperienced entrepreneur like Logan can keep the company in the black and protect her employee's livelihood. So she decides to make him prove himself.

Secure in her ability to outflank the competition and hold her own against corporate raiders, Diana doesn't realize that tangling with a man like Logan takes experience she has yet to acquire. When the light of battle in his eyes changes to desire, Diana is in trouble.

Can she learn to play his game, or will Logan steal her company and her heart?

Toss Up...

Jim Donovan is a patient man. He can out wait a slow-foaling mare and survive camping out with a dozen fifth grade boys. Self-control, developed when a slip would mean death for himself or others in his unit, hides the warrior persona he’s chosen to set aside. But now his patience is running out.

How much of a saint can an ex-black ops Marine be? Sally Johnston has been on her own since her husband’s death and is used to taking care of herself. She intends to ignore the anonymous messages she’s getting and doesn’t want or need anyone’s protection.

But every time she turns around Jim is there, keeping her safe—yes, but also driving her crazy. Just being near him stokes Sally’s desire, but will she let him thaw her frozen heart?

Tossed and Tumbled...
(more coming soon)

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